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notes on airplane bae is Veev Raye’s google doc diary documenting her tumultuous non-monogamous relationship with CT from beginning to end. Enclosed in these diaries are spiralling reflections, message histories, insight from support systems, and a painful enlightenment.

Themes include navigating dating someone w zero similar lived experience as you (a neurodivergent & disabled WOC), coping with a jealous + abusive metamour, navigating disclosure of sexual disability, ignorance is bliss vs knowing all, protectiveness as a signifier of love, the nonlinear healing process, and hitting a level of desperation so high tht ur asking strangers for advice on omegle at 4 fking am.

Content Warnings for emotional abuse, self-harm, ableism, misogyny and mentions of childhood abuse. Names, locations, and identifying details have been censored or changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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